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An independent SDA Ministry
Proclaiming the 3 angels Messages and

   Abiding in the Father and His Son

  "In The Heavens Ministries" 
 It is our prayer that you will receive a special blessing from visiting us this  ! There is a lot to see and study so please take your time. Much of the material on this site are links to other ministries materials that we received a blessing from. These links are not a statement of solidarity with any other ministry but an attempt to share truth as it is in God. If you find any materials that you would like more information on or any inadvertent sharing of private material, please let us know. May God Richly Bless You!
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Please note that we have many links from this website to other ministries.  This includes studies, videos, and some cases links to their website. This is not a statement of solidarity with each of these ministries. We may not hold to all their positions or professions that they hold.  It is simply a recognition that each of these have been found to bear some truths that are necessary for our time.


ITH Ministries is a loyal SDA independent ministry standing in defense of the Father and Son and Their true remnant church even as she finds herself besieged by attacks against keeping the statutes and ordinances of God and the introduction of Trinitarian, Papal, and Spiritualism doctrines of the final Omega Apostasy! We hold firmly to the principle that these attacks are a sign of the impending close of probation as clearly taught in Ezekiel chapters nine and ten.  The Scriptures clearly teach that God does not reject or abandon His church when in apostasy but instead sends messages through His prophets and chosen messengers to reprove and bring His people back to Him. He prophesied through Malachi that the spirit of Elijah would be sent to the church just before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord. The word apostasy means "back sliding" as we will see below!  

    Let the truths that are the foundation of our faith be kept before the people. Some will depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils. They talk science, and the enemy comes in and gives them an abundance of science; but it is not the science of salvation. It is not the science of humility, of consecration, or of the sanctification of the Spirit. We are now to understand what the pillars of our faith are, the truths that have made us as a people what we are, leading us on step by step. (Ellen White -Review and Herald, May 25, 1905.) 

    In the future, deception of every kind is to arise, and we want solid ground for our feet. We want solid pillars for the building. Not one pin is to be removed from that which the Lord has established. The enemy will bring in false theories, such as the doctrine that there is no sanctuary. This is one of the points on which there will be a departing from the faith. Where shall we find safety unless it be in the truths that the Lord has been giving for the last fifty years? (Ellen White, Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, May 5, 1905)   

     Those who seek to remove the old landmarks are not holding fast; they are not remembering how they have received and heard. Those who try to bring in theories that would remove the pillars of our faith concerning the sanctuary or concerning the personality of God or of Christ are working as blind men. They are seeking to bring in uncertainties and to set the people of God adrift without an anchor. Those who claim to be identified with the message that God has given us should have keen, clear spiritual perceptions, that they may distinguish truth from error. The word spoken by the messenger of   God is "Wake up the watchmen." Manuscript Release 760 pg 9.10 


  As we face the final events of this earth’s history, we find that attacks are bearing down upon us, His remnant people, at an alarming rate. As the church is besieged by attacks, from without and within, we find that many lose faith and fall by the wayside. Many expect absolute perfection from the church. When confronted by its enfeebled mistakes, they fall off the path and then attack the church with the same passion and zeal they once held for it.  Forgotten are the words: “During ages of spiritual darkness the church of God has been as a city set on a hill. From age to age, through successive generations, the pure doctrines of heaven have been unfolding within its borders. Enfeebled and defective as it may appear, the church is the one object upon which God bestows in a special sense His supreme regard. It is the theater of His grace, in which He delights to reveal His power to transform hearts.”  AA   12   
"Precepts Given to Guard Decalogue—In consequence of continual transgression, the moral law was repeated in awful grandeur from Sinai. Christ gave to Moses religious precepts which were to govern everyday life. These statutes were explicitly given to guard the ten commandments. They were not shadowy types to pass away with the death of Christ. They were to be binding upon men in every age as long as time should last. These commands were enforced by the power of the moral law, and they clearly and definitely explained that law" (The Signs of the Times, April 15, 1875 [Reprinted in The Review and Herald, May 6, 1875]).

               Here, in the last moments of earth’s history, we are shown that God’s church will be enfeebled and have some imperfections that will have to be addressed by God. We are even told that at the end of time the church would face a terrible apostasy that would shake it to its very foundations. “The Omega (of apostasies) would follow in a little while. I tremble for our people. These beautiful representations (of this apostasy) are similar to the temptation that the enemy brought to Adam and Eve in Eden. 1SAT 341

This apostasy would be so profound and powerful by its very nature that the church would even appear about to fall. “The church may appear as about to fall, but it does not fall. It remains, while the sinners in Zion will be sifted out--the chaff separated from the precious wheat. This is a terrible ordeal, but nevertheless it must take place. 2SM


This website addresses the high treason of mankind and the provision for salvation provided by God through Jesus Christ our Lord.  We will examine the attacks by Satan who seeks to prevent this gift of salvation from being realized by God’s final remnant church.  We will examine the inroads of deception that have infiltrated this final movement of God.

 However, one should not see this website’s illumination of Satan’s attacks, in the form of doctrines and teachings, as an attack on God’s final remnant church or its people. This website totally rejects any notion that these attacks within the church signify that the church has become Babylon, as many who have fallen by the wayside try to teach or proclaim. This work is not a call to leave the church but just the opposite. It is a call for God’s remnant to stand and fortify the walls of Zion. It is a plea to our fallen leaders not to assume that they are the church. In apostasy, God no longer recognize them as part of His church. This is a desperate plea for them to return to the truths once given to the saints and to take their stand with the Father and Son by recognizing Christ's true sonship to the Father and to honor them by keeping the statutes and ordinances as commanded by God in Leviticus 23 and other scriptures.

       It is because the shaking must come, as revealed by the prophet, and because it will be a terrible ordeal for God’s people that this ministry was formed. It is to reveal the arrows of error fired into our midst and to shine light on the shield of truth as provided by God for His people. It is to arm God’s remnant with the truth of Jesus and His Father, so that we may stand in the great trial before us.

      Many will find that some doctrines that they have held as truth will not stand the test of the Bible as they thought. Others will find, although they have a certain understanding of truths presented in the word, that there is a deeper truth that as yet they have not seen or understood. Many will find the disturbing truth that Satan, over time and generations, has attacked the fundamental foundational pillars of our faith as lain down by God through the pioneers of our church. They will see that some of these fundamental truths have been changed or rejected by many, from laymen to leaders, within the remnant church. We are in trouble and the night is nearly past. The day is about to dawn.

      It is the straight testimony of these truths that many will not accept, and the rebellion against this straight testimony will bring about the great shaking that is coming upon us. “I asked the meaning of the shaking I had seen, and was shown that it would be caused by the straight testimony called forth by the counsel of the True Witness to the Laodiceans. This will have its effect upon the heart of the receiver, and will lead him to exalt the standard and pour forth the straight truth. Some will not bear this straight testimony. They will rise up against it, and this is what will cause a shaking among God's people.

     I saw that the testimony of the True Witness has not been half heeded. The solemn testimony upon which the destiny of the church hangs has been lightly esteemed, if not entirely disregarded. This testimony must work deep repentance; all who truly receive it will obey it, and be purified. CET 176     

     Son of man, I have made thee a watchman unto the house of Israel: therefore hear the word at my mouth, and give them warning from me.”  (Ezekiel 3:17)  As a watchman on the wall of Zion I raise the alarm to you now. Awake for the enemy is upon us. We as a people left the doctrine of the trinity and was raised up as God's final movement. But we have slid back into that doctrine of Rome. Now in love God is calling for us as a people to return to the truth that was once delivered to the saints.