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An independent SDA Ministry
Proclaiming the 3 angels Messages and

   Abiding in the Father and His Son


The Elders Blog

Dear Brethren,  

As time is progressing and the end time events are upon us, we find that the predictions foretold in scripture are coming true around us. Every wind of doctrine is blowing. About us we see ministries springing up all over who claim to be presenting truth.  Many will have a lot of truth in them mixed with error. How is one to tell which ones to trust or support? The obvious first answer is whether the doctrines they present agree with scripture. But there is much debate as to how people choose to understand the word of God.  

Thus we must also look the fruits and characters of those who claim to be preaching the word. Perhaps the biggest indicator of falsehood and false teachers is when we see greed and malice reflecting from ministries who claim to be bearers of truth. These fruits are never from the spirit of God but emanate from the spirit of the great deceiver. I recently shared a couple of prophetic charts on our web ministry that were passed on to us by email from a friend. A few weeks later, we were attacked by a web ministry who we had never heard of who said the material was theirs and accused us of stealing it and thus preventing them from selling them. We of course immediately removed the material but sadly this reflected the spirit of the other ministry as one desiring gain or profit from their materials.  

The great truth and good news of the gospel is that salvation is a free gift of Jesus Christ to humanity. He did not seek gain but gave all, even His life to save all who would come to him. That is why our ministry has never asked for any funds to share and spread the truth. We have always offered our materials free to anyone who asks. We have always allowed God to provide funds as He sees fit. This ministry has been supported in this way for over 16 years. God is not poor and does not need our money to fund His work. He needs our hearts and our willingness to freely work for Him in spreading the truth to a sin sick world. So as you work for God and seek to spread the gospel of salvation and the three angel’s messages, rely upon God to provide all your needs and beware ministries that seek to profit from the free gift of salvation offered to mankind.