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An independent SDA Ministry
Proclaiming the 3 angels Messages and

   Abiding in the Father and His Son


Dr Gary Hulquist





    24 page full-color pages examining the words of ten Adventist Pioneers on the subject of the begotten Son of God. James White, Joseph Bates, J.N. Loughborough, D.M. Canright, J.M. Stephenson, R.F. Cottrell, Uriah Smith, Steven Haskell E.J. Waggoner, and George Butler.

  • Theos-2



    20 full-color pages of continued documentation of the Adventist pioneer belief in the begotten Son of God. Featuring the writings of R.A. Underwood, J.N. Andrews, J.G. Matteson, W.H. Littlejohn, H.C. Blanchard, C.W. Stone, D.T. Bourdeau, A.T. Jones, J.H. Waggoner, W.W. Prescott, and E.G. White. Separate presentations on the nature of Christ, “Original, Unborrowed, Underived,” the resurrection of Christ, and Ellen White’s famous “past fifty years” statements.



  • Theos-3



    24 full-color pages examine the 1919 Bible Conference, Samuel Spear’s 1889 “Subordination of Christ” article, the controversy over a Church Manual, Melvin Eckenroth and the censorship of Uriah Smith’s “Daniel and the Revelation,” the value of compilations for the new theology, Judson Washburn and Charles Longacre—late holdouts, the Trinity enters the SDA Hymnal, the official Dallas Doctrine, the three great powers of heaven.


  • Theos-4



    A 24 full-color magazine that reviews the early Christian Church history and the development of competing doctrines of God, the Council of Nicaea, the history of creeds, comparing SDA beliefs, past and present, the 1957 clarification and alignment with Evangelicals, ancient trinities, the critical consequences of changing Gods, Patrick’s Confession of faith, Christ’s baptism and example, and his Spirit.


  • Theos-5



    This 28 page full-color magazine is devoted to “The Struggle over Spirit” and exploring the identity of God’s Holy Spirit. Topics include: The Dove and the Cloud, the Two Comforters, Third Person Pronouns, Definite Articles, The Spirit of the Spirit, The Two Olive Trees and the Golden Oil, The Mind of Christ, The Spirit of Satan, One Mediate-Advocate, Miriam’s Rebellion, Kellogg’s New Theology, Ellen White’s Correction, Loughborough’s Objections.